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BLOGGING.........Must try Harder!

Just realised it is a year ago since we wrote our last Blog...we really need to get up to speed with all this Social Media stuff, but eveything these days seems to entail needing Logon Codes, Passwords, mother's maiden name, make of favourite perfume, and preferred loo roll - It's All Getting Too Much!!

Having just spent a day in London, and a day at Cheltenham Races (over 50,000 people)...I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be able to live and work on least here we can leave the stresses of modern day life a little more than most. NO WONDER OUR GUESTS ARE SO APPRECIATIVE.




Fi, Friends and Family enjoy a Fabulous 50th Birthday Weekend.

Dearest Fi hit the big 50 last week, and being the owner of a beautiful country house hotel decided to use this wonderful location to host a House Party weekend for close friends and family. Being one of the honoured guests, I cannot sing the praises of the staff for making this weekend one to remember for a long long time.

Having exclusive use of the hotel for the entire weekend enabled a full and fun itinerary. Guests arrived on the Friday afternoon to enjoy cream teas by the fire, and later an evening meal in the lounge, catching up with old friends and greeting new. Retiring to the comfort of our bedrooms when bedtime called - which was much later for some!

After a fine Devonshire breakfast, Saturday gave the guests a choice of activities in which to partake,  a  choice of  a Falconary display, Archery, Pony treking, a walk with local wildlife expert Richard Hibbert, a bouncy castle and Sumo wrestling!

For those who were subject to too much wine the night before, or were feeling less energetic, the fire, newspaper and comfy sofas were more appealing........

On Saturday evening we put on our finest to meet in the bar and lounge for drinks. We were then taken into the restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal - (I chose the venison, and my mouth is still watering at the memory!) . After dinner we gambled the night away with a visiting Casino. Oh! if it really were that simple to win so many thousands in so little time.

I cannot imagine a better way to have chosen to spend a special occasion, and would certainly recommend exclusive use of the hotel to my friends.

Photos to follow.......(Just airbrushing the ones of Fi) xx

Prince Hall stars in Escape To The Country

Dartmoor played a starring role with Alistair Appleton in Escape to the Country on TV this week. Guess where house buyers Tim and Mo enjoyed a cream tea whilst discussing their options??

This Little Piggy

There are four new residents settling in at the Prince Hall...

The new additions are British Lops, a west country breed which originated around the Tavistock area.

Apparently the Lop has a great deal going for it as a breed.  It is generally "docile and easy to manage and is hardy enough for outdoor systems. It grows readily and will finish with a well-muscled, lean carcase at pork or bacon weights".  Which, dare we say, will be good news to our chefs!

Meanwhile, enjoy these cute pics.

Dartmoor On The Silver Screen

Anticipation has been mounting for some time about Steven Spielberg's War Horse, which hits cinema screens this month (13th January).  Based on Michael Murpago’s book, the film was shot on location on Dartmoor during August 2010.

You may have seen our press coverage pegged to the film locations in The Herald Express, Daily Express and The Times and Spielberg's rave review of Dartmoor on BBC Breakfast.

Spielberg praised the beauty of the Dartmoor countryside in a recent Daily Mail interview, saying: "I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor ... And, with two-and-a-half weeks of extensive coverage of landscapes and skies, I hardly scratched the surface of the visual opportunities that were offered to me."

Dartmoor locations included the small village of Meavy, Gutter Tor, Venford Reservoir and Ditsworthy Warren House, an isolated Grade II listed building near Sheepstor.

Avid Sherlock viewers were also treated to glimpses of Dartmoor in the second episode of the current BBC drama, The Hounds of Baskerville, which aired on Sunday 8th January.

Conan Doyle’s novel tells the story of an attempted murder motivated by the legend of a fearsome, diabolical hound.  It was whilst staying at the Prince Hall, at the time the private home of the Barrington family, that Conan Doyle was reputedly inspired by the surrounding countryside to write The Hound of the Baskervilles.